Mohammed Chowdhury

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About Me

I am Mohammed Chowdhury, I graduated from Queens College with a Computer Science Degree on 01/01/2020.
I am currently attending a full-stack boot camp to gain more experience as a software developer.
My goal is to land a software engineering job before 2020 ends.
I am looking for a full-stack or a backend job. I am experienced in Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, CSS, and HTML.

Past Experiences

Code Path – Android Mobile Bootcamp

The user can tap on any list element to see more details about the movie selected.

Personal Projects
Personal Home Server: Currently maintaining a server to learn about web hosting,
different operating systems, virtualization, hardware, web hosting, networking, security, etc. (Raspberry Pi)
Websites: Created a website that utilizes Spotify API to accumulate data about artists.
Used Node.js to handle all incoming and outgoing requests.
Sentio: Build an app android app in Java that analyzes texts using Microsoft Sentiment analysis API for Natural Language Processing.
Backed up user data to Google Firebase. It allows you to understand your own emotions through personal journaling.
IMDB Movie Review Classifier, (Natural Language Processing): Used Python to Preprocesses IMDb movie review bag of words corpus,
removed stop words, and lemmatization/stemming. Implemented a Naïve Bayes model from scratch based on the Hidden Markov Model and achieved a model of 82% accuracy.


My hobbies are playing games and watching tv and outdoor sports.